Covid – 19

Trustees of the Croft Hall

Croft Hall Opening: Guidance and information for Event Organisers of the Croft Hall

The Croft Hall re-opened on Friday 7th August but with some restrictions and conditions to minimise the potential spread of the Coronavirus. Should anyone be suffering from Coronavirus at the Croft Hall, the Trustees must be informed so that cleaning and tracing can be undertaken.

The Trustees have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment and attach a copy for your information. We recommend that each hirer carries out their own risk assessment too. (We attach a risk assessment template for guidance.) Please always note Government Updates and restrictions.

Please comply with these guidelines and the various notices placed in the Croft Hall.

    • In particular please maintain a record of the names and contact details of every person attending your event in order that Track and Trace can be activated if necessary.
    • The kitchen is closed except for emergency as below; please bring your own drinks if required.
    • The kitchen will be available as a Covid 19 isolation space pending medical attendance should it be required if someone develops symptoms whilst in the building.
    • At present we are limiting the building to 30 people – these can be spread across different rooms. This is to minimise potential crowding in the foyer and queues for the toilets.
  • The toilets are restricted to one person at a time, event organisers may need to provide attendants to manage access at busy times.
  • As it is an enclosed environment, attendees should wear face coverings, subject to your own risk assessment for your particular event and activity.
  • Singing and wind instruments are now permitted in small groups and when performing on the stage subject to social distancing.
  • Efforts should be made to avoid shouting to minimise the dispersal distance of air droplets.
  • Please maintain social distancing.
  • Please do not touch surfaces unnecessarily

Our Risk Assessment requires Event Organisers to:

  • Require attendees to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure and other times as required.
  • Collect tables from store when required, and to clean both before and after use, returning them to the store
  • Advise the Bookings Trustee if chairs are required, these will be placed in the room ready for you to set out.
  • Stack chairs at end of use, but leave in the room used (these will be quarantined for 72 hours)
  • Ensure that the foyer does not become congested
  • Ensure that only one person uses the toilets at any time
  • Open outer and room doors and leave open for the duration of the event. Please ensure outer doors are closed and locked on departure.
  • Open windows for ventilation, but please ensure all windows are closed on departure.

Please note that:

  • The hot air hand driers are switched off, paper towels are provided in the dispensers
  • The Air Conditioning units are switched off
  • Contact for Nick Furr, Bookings Trustee: Email: or Tel: 07767 610721
    • Guidance updated 14/09/2020

Risk Assessment _Covid 19 - Croft Hall

Risk assessment template

Company name:                             Assessment carried out by:

Date of next review:                        Date assessment was carried out:


What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing to control the risks?

What further action do you need to take to control the risks?

Who needs to carry out the action?

When is the action needed by?




More information on managing risk:


Published by the Health and Safety Executive   10/19