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Please note that this is a new booking system! If you have any problems, please let us know at

After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation email (please check that this hasn’t gone to your junk mail!).  The application will then be reviewed and you will be contacted with confirmation or any reason to decline together with payment options. Your booking will appear on the availability calendar and, once authorised, also on the events list. If you have not ticked the ‘public event’ box, it will be shown as a Private event.

Hire form processing Croft Hall Booking Form
Booking Ref number (provided by Croft Hall)      123456
Application date     
Do you want to book this event (same details) for more than one date?   Yes No
Date of Event*        
Type or Name of Event*
Expected max number of attendees*     
Is this a public event?   
Name and Address of person or organisation responsible for the event*
Address 1st line*
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Main Hall 'get-in/exit' times (hh:mm) from to 0 hours @ £20/hour = £0
Small Hall 'get-in/exit' times (hh:mm) from to 0 hours @ £15/hour = £0
John Newton Room 'get-in/exit' times (hh:mm) from to  
... charges made by reference to sessions Morning(9-1pm) Afternoon(1-6pm) Evening(6-11pm) @ £10/session = £0
Use of Kitchen cooker and dishwasher (tea/coffee etc no charge) @ £5 = £0
Use of Grand Piano @ £20 = £0
The performing Rights Licence is included - please tick as appropriate: Live music     Pre-recorded music
Alcohol Licence @ £20 = £0
Designated person responsible for licence (defaults to event organiser - must be a person)
TOTAL HIRE CHARGE per event £0
A £50 deposit, plus the total hire charge, is payable once your booking has been acknowledged. The booking will be confirmed once payment is received. If the booking is cancelled less than 7 days before the scheduled date of the event the deposit will be forfeit.
Please read the conditions of hire and tick the box to signify your acceptance. Please note that this confirmation includes your acceptance that we may store your (non-financial) details for the purpose of this booking and for archival reference to be available in case of any dispute. We will not pass this information to others for a different purpose. *
Please indicate your payment preference (direct Bank transfers or Cheques) and add any other details or questions.
Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and confirmation/decline emailed to you together with payment and other relevant information.
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Terms and Conditions in detail available here.